React app anchor tags not working

Hi dears!

it is my first ever Netlify app

I am facing an issue in the footer section and all over the website my anchor tags not working…

for example I added clients Facebook page link but whenever I try to click on it its not redirecting me.

however its working fine on local host.

can anyone help me please

Hi @safar, Welcome.
If possible can you share a code snippet of one of your anchor tags that is not working?

This is also posted here: reactjs - React app anchor tags not working on netlify - Stack Overflow

Yea that’s I posted there on stack overflow

Yes i can but i found thr problem… the problem is that my environment variable are not working actually…

So can you please guide me how to set environment variables here on netlify

Hi @safar, the blog post below explains how to manage environment variables in Netlify.

You can also get more information about Netlify Environment Variables at the link below

Let me know the outcome after the changes