Re-registering my domain

Hey there,

My Netlify account got re-created or something. I have a domain and site hosted with netlify, the domain is and for some reason when I logged back in today with my linked github account it created a new account. I’m not able to access the account that shows my deploy, and has instead created a new one from my repository. I’m quite sure I’m using the same login.

Anyway I don’t mind re-deploying it on my current account but my domain is locked. My current deploy name is

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello there, @JohnMurphyz :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks so much for reaching out. :rocket:

I want to make sure I fully understand your situation. Would you mind explaining in different words what you are experiencing? Have you had issues logging in or accessing deploys previously?

Hey Hillary,

So I hosted a site with Netlify back in March I think and it was all fine. I haven’t been on in a while but the site has been up fine. I made some edits to my code and pushed them to my github then logged into netlify yesterday through my github account and this brought me to an account that didn’t have any deployed sites.

Now I’ve checked my other email addresses and I don’t believe I have a different netlify account which has the deploy, though I’m not certain. The changes I pushed to Github have also not been updated on my current site that is deployed that I can’t find. It’s still live at

I haven’t had any issues logging in or accessing deploys previously.

I hope this makes sense, sorry I’m new to this!


Hi, @JohnMurphyz. The email address used for that team’s sign-up is not the one you are using for this forum login.

We sent you an email to troubleshoot this privately. ​Please reply to that email (or reply here if you don’t see receive it).

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