Question) RDS in VPC with netlify preview deploy

Dear team,

I like to connect my app to RDS in aws vpc within netlify preview deploy url.

so i can consume the newly-deployed url as one of the testing service.

is it possible?

Hi there, @mystyle2006 :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I am not sure I quite understand you question, can you please share what you are looking to do in different words?

You can see our deploy preview documentation here, and here is our content in the forums that are related to deploy previews.


Um… our server is connected to RDS in aws vpc.
but when i’m creating the new PR and the deploy preview will be lunched.
and e2e testing with this deploy preview url (which is the server lunched by Netlify).
however connection issue occurs with this server :frowning:
is it good?

There is no server to connect to. You are trying to connect directly to you site from a VPC? Sites deployed to Netlify are pushed to a global CDN.

Yes our backend server is trying to connect directly to the RDS in private VPC. so when we’re deploying on Netlify the connection fails…

so i want to let netlify to be available to connect to our RDS in vpc.

What are you trying to accomplish with this setup?

Perhaps this might help you