Question about netlify --dev live

I am testing a web app that uses the google maps API. The issue is that netlify live’s urls are like this:

The 00000 varies every time. I have website restrictions for the google maps api key, but I cannot set it for netlify live because the url varies every time. I can use the wildcard but I cannot do this:

https://sitename-* It only works like this:

A specific URL with an exact path:
Any URL in a single domain with no subdomains, using a wildcard asterisk (*):*
Any URL in a single subdomain, using a wildcard asterisk (*):*
Any subdomain or path URLs in a single domain, using wildcard asterisks (*): *\/*
A URL with a non-standard port:*

Is there a workaround?

The reason I use netlify live for this is because it allows me to test the app in different devices using https. Normally I use webpack dev server but since this app requires location permission, I need https (location permission is blocked in http). Location permission is allowed through localhost:PORT but not through the actual IP address (which I need to test it on other devices). Anyway, the point is netlify live works well, but I just need to know if I can get around the apikey permission thing.

Hey @ShaCP,

Thank you for the feature description. I don’t think it’s possible to do it right now, but you can possible file a feature request on the CLI repository for the devs to consider this.