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Published site contents vanishing after many hours

Hi. I’ve just started trying to turn a pastime into some income, but the first public site I launch has started “losing” files many hours after deployment.

What happens:

  • Commit to git, let site auto-build and deploy
  • Test site fully, clearing caches - all good
  • Site works great for many hours for everyone
  • Suddenly tons of 404s for the core files in /_app
  • If I tell Netlify to simply Redeploy (no new commit) it all works again
  • Hours later there are more 404s
  • …the cycle continues

Site: quackdeck.netlify.app
Example URL: https://quackdeck.netlify.app/widgets/bpl5a?parts=lcs&color=eef3f4&compact&shield

The site is built with SvelteKit and its Netlify adapter so things are slightly complicated but worked well out of the box. Although there are functions for SSR, these errors seem to all be with static files.

I’ve tried searching these forums but haven’t found any good keywords. Also tried looking for support on SvelteKit’s Discord but with no luck.

I’m perfectly willing to dig in and diagnose this, but currently at a loss how to proceed with hosting like this as there’s n server log and seemingly no way to check deployed files, etc.

Any pointers, please? This is affecting a live site now :frowning:

Hi @coldino,

At the time of checking, the URL you sent seems to be working fine. Is it working for you too?

There’s a way to download the deploy from the deploy page. There’s a download icon here:


Thank you for the reply.

Yes, the site is currently working for me because I have been re-deploying it each time it breaks - I have users that need it to work. But this issue has reoccurred at least three/four times in the last two days with no changes to the git repository.

Thank you for the download tip. When it occurs next I will download the site before re-deploying and examine the files. But my absolute confusion stands - how can files go missing or even change after so many hours?

Hi @coldino,

That’s the thing. The files can’t go missing and if you still feel that they’re going missing, it would help if you could setup another website for us to be able to test. Additionally, you can capture a HAR file recording and send it to us once you et a 404 so we could investigate it further.