Published Deploy throwing "Page not found" error even though index.html file exists

Hello! My deployment passes the tests and have an index.html file, but I am unsure if I have the right settings for directories, as I am getting a ‘page not found’ error.

If it matters, I have both my Ruby on Rails backend and my vanilla js frontend in the same repo broken into two separate directories.

The index.html file is here: bookclub-javascript-rails-api/bookclub-frontend-javascript/index.html.

Netlify site:

My build settings:
-Base directory: bookclub-frontend-javascript
-build command: not set
-publish directory: bookclub-frontend-javascript/index.html

GitHub repo

What the site should look like:

Any help would be appreciated!

Keep publish path blank. Since you’ve configured the base path already, you don’t need the publish path as it’s same as base path.

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