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Hi all,
I’m not sure I’m understanding the branch deploys correctly or I’m doing something wrong.

I have a branch deploy set up to deploy automatically the beta branch every time I push to it, the build runs correctly and I get the preview link:

But the subdomain associated with that branch deploy does not get updated:, you can actually see the beta branch looks different than the preview (theme button and nav with rounded corners)

If I click on “Publish deploy”, I can see the site updated, but the deploy goes live to the production site as well at the same time.

How can I update the beta subdomain without updating the production site? I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere.


Hi, @ramono. It is the publish deploy button causing this issue. The currently published deploy is the branch deploy (for the branch beta). By this I mean, the beta branch is currently being used for the production version of the site.

When you published the branch deploy with that button, that caused both the production deploy of the site and published version of the branch subdomain to be pinned the version you selected. The branch subdomain is showing a branch deploy, but it isn’t the most recent deploy because you published a previous one of the same branch.

If you publish a production branch deploy , the branch subdomain will behave as you expect. It will show the most recent deploy for that branch, not the published deploy.

If that doesn’t work or if there are other questions, please let us know.

Thanks Luke,

After your explanation I’m still not sure how can I deploy something to the beta subdomain via git without having to publish to the production domain. It kinda makes the concept of having a subdomain on a branch pointless.

What I want to do is: push something to git on the beta branch, have that change be available on the beta site for testing, without touching the production site until a PR/Merge has been done to master branch.

Is this possible or do I have to remove the beta deployments and create a new site under a subdomain?

Hi, @ramono. It all does work how you want it to work, if you don’t do what you did (making a branch deploy the production deploy).

Normally that branch subdomain auto-updates to show the most recent deploy of that branch. The only reason it did not is because you had locked in a previous deploy of this branch.

You made the beta branch your production branch when you clicked the “Publish deploy” button for a deploy of that branch (beta). The “Publish deploy” button locks all deploys of the site to that exact deploy. If you do this for a branch subdomain, it also locks the branch subdomain to that deploy.

The “Publish deploy” button is designed to override the normal auto-publishing of the branch. The button you clicked says, “Don’t auto-update anymore. Keep the site locked to this exact deploy.” The branch subdomain doesn’t update because that button says “don’t auto-update”.

One way to fix this would be to do the following.

  1. Go to any production deploy, for example here:
  2. Click the “Publish deploy” button.

The deploy above (60ac2476129e63000870fbb7) is a production branch deploy, not a beta branch deploy. If you publish the production branch deploy (not the beta branch) then the beta branch subdomain will behave as it normally would. You will have removed the lock on the beta branch and auto-publishing of the branch subdomain will work normally again.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thank you, now I understand what happened and how to prevent it. I’ve made some tests and have successfully confirmed it works as you described.

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Hi, I seem to still be having issues with this,

Since this thread I have not clicked on the “Publish deploy” button anymore, I made a couple of production deployments that got published fine (since deployments on master branch get published automatically). Last week I thought I made one to beta branch and saw the change, but today I made another deployment to beta branch, and I can see the changes in the Preview link but not on the beta subdomain:

Now I don’t know how to release the beta branch (and make it auto publish beta deployments) unlinked from the master/production deployments, for what I was told, beta should now be unlocked/unlinked from production deployments but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

You have that domain name ( assigned as a domain alias here:

This overrides this domain name from being used as a branch subdomain. Making it a domain alias means it is being treated as a production branch URL not a branch subdomain.

Ok, now this seems to have been the issue all along, I may have created the subdomain before I learned about branch deploys, so there was a conflict there. I removed the alias and now the beta site shows the correct version. Thanks again.