"Publish all changes" button on editorial workflow (avoid multiple deploys)


Is there any way available to “publish all changes at once” on the editorial workflow?

Maybe I am missing something or this feature is not available, but I think it would be pretty cool to be able to publish all changes at once. Otherwise I have to cancel a few deploys by “hand” and just let the last one build.

I need a button, like on the image bellow,
so I don’t run out of building minutes so easily;)

Thank you guys!


Hi @ositaka, this is not available yet, but I think this issue will cover your use case.
Upvoting it is a good way to bump it up in prioritization.

Hi @erez, Thank you for the reply.

By “upvoting”, you mean give a :+1: on the github issue, right?
I’ve done it, but I see the issue was open 2 years ago…

Let see what the future will give us! :slight_smile:

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Yes @ositaka that’s is exactly what I mean.
You can use this link to see most up voted issues.
We try to do those first (pending important bug fixes, etc.)



Another solution for this problem would be to cancel unfinished build when there is a new webhook call.
Like what Zeit is doing: :wink:

If you send multiple requests to deploy the same version of your project, previous deployments for the same Deploy Hook will be canceled to reduce build times.
Deploy Hooks – Vercel Docs

Netlify doesn’t offer this possibility?


Hi @LionelPaulus, not sure that will help as each entry gets its own branch and PR (assuming that generates different hooks).
Regardless Netlify skips intermediate builds:

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Thanks for your reply @erez.
I don’t think Netlify is skipping intermediate builds on my projects.
For example, if I trigger 4 times the deploy hook, I will have 4 builds:

They will be done one by one but in the end I would have had 4 builds.
I’d rather prefer that Netlify cancels the previous unfinished builds and only build and deploy the last one.

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Hi @LionelPaulus! I gave Erez some confusing advice that was incomplete to back up his answer - sorry about that! I think that webhook triggered builds always happen, but git triggered builds should follow the pattern that Erez described.

I agree that this probably isn’t optimal behavior for you or for us, so I’ve gotten an issue filed for our team to consider updating that behavior, and will follow up here in case we do make that change.


Yeah I need this too. I wanted to edit 10 posts because of a typo in all of them and it had to built my site 10 times! Not what I expected :frowning:

@Timothy Ugh - that sounds annoying. Please upvote this issue if you haven’t already! Bundle editorial workflow changes into one review branch · Issue #1025 · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub

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How to upvote? With a :heart: or ?

hi timothy - feel free to comment on that issue or leave an emoji reaction :slight_smile:

hi, I’m reopening this thread as it is of interest to me. Has any solution been deployed to the initial request ?

I am building a site with Netlify CMS and Gatsby, and I find pretty unoptimized the fact that every single modification leads to a new build. It would be great if we could group all current modification in one PR (or at least in one merge) to avoid multiples builds (my site contains 300+ pages, which is not that much but takes a couple minutes to build each time anyway)

No relevant changes so far, @Matos28. With the development of Netlify CMS at almost a standstill, I don’t expect any significant progress in the coming months either.