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Public site is not reflecting latest build

my latest changes in github are not showing up on the main site.

here is my public site - smitavadlamani.com

this is the link from the latest build


if you look at the Footer you will notice the difference.

please help

Hi @CareTiger

I can see https://distracted-hodgkin-afcade.netlify.app/ and https://www.smitavadlamani.com/ show the same content while https://615bbc3552646a0008fddd60--distracted-hodgkin-afcade.netlify.app/ is different.

Have you locked your site to a specific (previous) deploy?

not intentionally. How do i remove this “lock”?

This shows a locked deploy:

To publish your latest deploy navigate to the details page and click Publish deploy

Beautiful. I must have accidentally locked to a previous deploy. thank you for your help.