Provisioning SSL is taking time

Provisioning certificate for site “blissful-montalcini-0b0f0f” is taking more than 24 hours

@AdiP Welcome to the Netlify community.

Are you certain about that? SSL should be virtually immediate upon creation of a Netlify subdomain. SSL provisioning delays should only occur with custom domains due to DNS propagation (usually).

FWIW, your site is loading with SSL for me here in Southern California.

Hi @gregraven, thanks for the response. I should’ve specified, it’s not working on my custom domain:

@AdiP At least part of the problem is that whois reports your name servers are with AWS, while dig reports your name servers are with Netlify. So, either you have to correct your DNS entries or wait for the already-correct DNS entries to finish propagating.

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Hi, @AdiP. The issue is that this domain is not using Netlify DNS. There is a support guide about this here:

Please read that support guide and try one of the solutions there. If there are other questions or if the solution the doesn’t works, please let us know.

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Thanks for the help @luke, I deleted the netlify domain and used the external configuration in Route53 to set up the CNAME and A record for the Apex domain to the netlify load balancer IP. Is there anything else I should do, or is it a matter of waiting for DNS propagation at this point?

I see the SSL certificate provisioned at about 11:40 AM PST. My best guess as to root cause of the delay is the time to live (TTL) values in the previous DNS records.

Edit: Your current external DNS configuration is perfect, by the way. Especially using the www subdomain as the primary custom domain because an A record is used for the apex domain.

In other words, you should never make the apex domain the primary custom domain if the apex is the A record to

You can make the apex primary but unless an ALIAS type DNS record (a non-official record type) is used for the apex we don’t recommend making the apex primary. You made www primary and this is what we recommend for an A record on the apex.