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Provision certificate error for custom domain

Hi Team,

I add a custom domain(lily.rbind.io) and redirect the default netlify subdomain(lilywrites.netlify.app) to the custom one. After adding the custom domain, I get this certificate error

When I access lilywrites.netlify.app, it redirects to lily.rbind.io just fine and the connection is secure. However, when I access lily.rbind.io directly, I encounter a connection error.

Need the support from the team to help me with this issue. Thanks.

Hi, @lilynuraini. Would you please read the following support guide which should answers most questions?

If there are other questions after reading that, please let us know.

I’ve read the support guide and want to confirm about the image shows how to disable Cloudflare’s proxying, is that from the Cloudflare app? I don’t have access to the Cloudflare side because I get the subdomain by requesting it to the rbind support community then they provided it to me. Here’s the link to my subdomain request

Hi @lilynuraini,

The domain is still not pointing to Netlify:

It might be, but it’s showing Cloudflare to us and we can’t know if it’s doing anything from within Cloudflare. We need this to show your Netlify subdomain. It’s worth contacting the people you gave you this domain.