Production sites in "suspended" status for no reason

Hi there,

Nearly all of the production sites within the “Storyboard-Site” team account are in “suspended” status and trying to access any of the sites returns a 404 not found response. When hovering over the “suspended” warning message, it tells me the reason is due to “site is suspended for non-payment”.

However, upon reviewing the card in question and the recent invoices, we are all paid up and there are no warning messages in our account.

These are production websites that are down and need to be up as soon as possible. Please review all sites in the “Storyboard-Site” account and confirm that we should not be in “suspended” status any longer.

I have submitted a support ticket as well (110169). Thank you.

Hiya @r-token and sorry to hear about the trouble! Seems like our UI is a bit buggy around showing the reason for the suspended sites - it was a fraud report, not a payment issue. I’ll get a bug filed on that for us later, but that is not your main concern.

I’ve emailed you via our helpdesk to get the deactivation sorted out, since one expects you would rather discuss the report and its resolution in private.