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Prod build fails unexpectedly at the end


We’ve been experiencing unexpected build issues when trying to deploy our changes on the PROD Netlify site. The site name is lucid-raman-6b7ee6.netlify.app

It fails during the final stages of the build with an error: “Build failed due to a user error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 2”

An example log output can be seen at: Netlify App

The failures started without any new recent code changes. Deployment had been successful earlier today with the same changes.

Any help would be appreciated.


Is it a similar error to here? Build with custom publish directory suddenly failing with no changes


It’s not failing with the same error message as some of the reporters, but I do get the “Different publish path detected, going to use the one specified in the Netlify configuration file” message, so might be under the same umbrella.

It turns out it was the same issue. Thank you!

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hi there, sorry this happened today - we have since fixed the issue.

i am going to close this thread to avoid duplication, but if anyone still has concerns, please mention them here: