Problems with the deploy of my app, the changes do not load

My netlify app = []

I tried to deploy a livechat configuration in my app, with the code, but when I did the build and push my github, the changes were not reflected.

My application is made in ReactJs, and at the moment of looking at it in execution through localhost, the whole page appears blank and with the livechat implemented.

My app in localhost

hi there,

it looks like you have a lot of errors appearing in the console when i view your netlify site:

are you building successfully?

Hey man, yeah my build goes without problems, my app was deployed successfully btw.

I didn’t understand those errors on console :confused:

The 404 means that all those files weren’t found.

For each deploy, you can download the files which we receive. You can download your build and this will show that the files are not in the root (top-level) directory, that’s if they’re included at all!

Double-check that you have the correct build config (publish directory, et cetera) for your build.