Problems with deploy of my website, from today

I need advice to debug deploy

Hey @Falco9807 -

I would check out this post:

The fact that your app seems to get all/most of the way through but then fails when it comes time to build might mean that the build command you need for your ssg and the build command you have in your netlify build settings might be mismatched, does that make sense?

I’d look through that post, and double check your settings, and see if that helps. Good luck.

@perry It seems that the error depend from the file
I use a free version of Netlify, and i can only edit files in my website github repository
Any ideas?

@Falco9807, for sites linked to Git repositories, the solution would be to make the required changes in in the local repo and then git push those changes to the upstream repo linked to the Netlify site. This will trigger a new build with the updated version of the file at Netlify.

It appears you resolved the issue in a more recent deploy. Is this the solution above what worked for you? If not, how did you resolve the issue? (Or, if the issue isn’t resolve, please feel free to tell us more about what isn’t working.)