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Problems when verifying custom domain when trying to add custom domain

Dear Support,

I bought a URL (burauel.xyz) at namecheap.com.
This is my netlify site name: patrick-burauel.netlify.app

I want to replace the netlify.app URL with this new URL burauel.xyz

I go to the netlify team page, then to the section " Add a custom domain to your site", type my custom domain in the field, click on “verify”, then the error “401” pops up without any further guidance what to do.

Therefore, I ask in the netlify community now: What is going wrong? What do I need to do?

hey @pfbur, seems like you were on the right track actually! But odd that you didn’t see the window pop up properly.

My first question is to ask whether you have any browser extensions (adblockers, anything really) that might interfere with the loading. The easiest way to try is through doing this in an incognito browser window. Can you try and see if that works?

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