Problem with svg icons imported as vue component

Hello, I ask for tips or advice from more experienced developers.
I have a problem with svg icons imported as a
vue component (for example <ArrowDownIcon / >).
I import it like this:
“import ArrowDownIcon from “@/assets/images/icons/iconsComp/ArrowDownIcon.vue”;”

In the local environment, such a problem does not occur.
According to the register, everything is correct. I did not find my case on the Internet.
Here is a link to the github project GitHub - noks05/vue-air-tickets at finish (branch finish)

Below I will present screenshots of the error:

I do see the issue when running npm run build:

Checking src/views/flyght-tickets.vue:

import ArrowDownIcon from "@/assets/images/icons/iconsComp/ArrowDownIcon.vue";

Checking the files:


The issue is case sensitivity.

Netlify’s build environment, (like my own system), is case sensitive and
ArrowDownIcon.vue !== arrowDownIcon.vue

Either change the filename or the file reference, but make sure they’re both the same.


Thanks for the prompt response, you helped me!
Yes, it’s a registry issue. But interestingly, on my GitHub “Arrow…”
started with a capital letter.
I recreated a new repository and that fixed the problem.