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Problem with redirects

So I followed all documentation concerning the redirects file, I even have it working on my other sites, but for some reason on this specific site I cannot get the redirect to work as it should. I currently only have 1 written in the file to test but still nothing, any help would be greatly appreciated!

hey joshs! can you share your redirects_ file with us and a few more details like what framework you’re using? as much information as possible would be helpful!

Hey! For some reason I never saw this, but in my redirects file I just have one line

“/what-is-seo/ /”

Its weird because it works fine on only 1 other site, but the other 2 I can’t seem to get working, I am using React + Gatsby by the way, any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hi, @joshs. The summary information at the top of the deploy details page has a clue here:



No redirect rules processed

This deploy did not include any redirect rules. Learn more about redirects.

The file named _redirects should be in the base of the publish directory. In this case, no such file was found. Would you please confirm that your site’s build process ends with that file in that that location?