Problem with react

hello everyone, I’m trying to convert a html template to react but my sliders doesn’t seem to load properly.
your help will be appreciated.
my repo: GitHub - yusuf-ishan/react

Hi @Yusuf, in order for your slider to work you need to add the JavaScript plugin that was used in the HTML template which enables the slider or other functionality.

There are 3 solutions to add all the JavaScript scripts from the template

  1. Add your JavaScript script tags to your index.html file located at public / index.html

  2. Use a plugin called Helmet which manages script and link tags within the <head>

  3. Adding scripts by using the React hook useEffect.

Kindly read the blog post below on how to add scripts in a React application.


I added the JavaScript script tags but it’s not working.

Hi @Yusuf, thanks for the feedback.
I don’t see the JavaScript script tags added anywhere in the GitHub repository you shared.
If possible can you share a code snippet of your code where you added the script tags or point me to the file where you added the script tags?


sorry I forgot to push the new changes, you can now see the script tags in index.html in my repo

fixed it with react helmet, thanks for the help!!

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Hi @Yusuf, thanks for letting me know my suggestion helped. Glad to know your problem has been resolved.