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Problem with publishing project via Netlify using github (No url found for submodule path)

Hello support :slight_smile:

I m working on frontend-mentor projects and simply want do publish small project solution via Netlify. My project structure in Github is : frontendmentor-challenges / project1, project2, etc:

My branch is clean and all repository inside main folder is clean.

When I try to publish subfolder repository project via Netlify I get following error:

What I m doing wrong? Any idea how to fix URL problem deploying project to Netlify

Github link:
GitHub - banet/Frontend_mentor-devchallenge


Welcome to the Forum @banet

Am thinking the reason single-price-grid-component-master isn’t found is because the branch is called main.

Ok, thanks,

So I need to move single-price-grid project to main branch to work in the Netlify?

You error message is “No url found”.

As per Gitmodules documentation you would have something like the following in your .gitmodules file. You were referencing a master when the branch was main (I was making an assumption this was the code you were trying to reference.)

[submodule "libbar"]
  path = include/bar
  url = git://bar.com/git/lib.git