Problem with NODE_ENV variable

Greetings everyone!
I’m having a problem with and environment variable (NODE_ENV to be specific).

I’ve been using this variable set to multiple names, such as ‘x_server’, for almost a year by now, and somehow, by today, every site I have using this variable gives me an error:

After some tests I decided to simple remove the variable, and everything works perfect.

I tried creating other variable nume such as “customized_env” but haven’t found it in “process.env”
Any insights or recommendations?

Thanks in advance for reading!

Hey @caiordjesus,
I’m surprised to hear that you were able to set NODE_ENV to a string and get it picked up by your build! Our docs explain that that is a reserved variable for setting the Node version.

As for creating a different environment variable, that should work. How are you looking for it in process.env? With printenv or something else?

And if you could please share your Netlify url that might also help us debug :slight_smile: