Problem with emailjs. Empty inputs values

Hello, I have a problem with empty inputs. This is my HTML

 <form id="mailer" method="post" class="contact-form lg-6" action="contact" >
            <div class="form-group">
              <div class="input-group input-group-lg mb-3">
                <input name="Full name" type="text" id="contact-name" class="form-control" placeholder="Full name"aria-label="Name" aria-describedby="inputGroup-sizing-lg"  value="" required/>
              <div class="input-group input-group-lg mb-3">
                <input name="Company" type="text" id="contact-company" class="form-control" placeholder="Company" aria-label="Company" aria-describedby="inputGroup-sizing-lg" value="" required/>

              <div class="input-group input-group-lg mb-3">
                <input name="Email" type="email" id="contact-email" class="form-control" placeholder="Email" aria-label="Email" aria-describedby="inputGroup-sizing-lg" value="" required/>

              <div class="input-group mb-3">
                <textarea name="textarea" id="contact-textarea" class="form-control" aria-label="With textarea" value="" required></textarea>
              <button href="#home" type="submit" class="btn btn-primary submit">Send</button>

and this is my JS

 function handleChange(e) {
    value =;

  nameInput.addEventListener("blur", handleChange);
  companyInput.addEventListener("blur", handleChange);
  emailInput.addEventListener("blur", handleChange);
  textareaInput.addEventListener("blur", handleChange);

  let templateParams = {
    from_name: "Contact Mailer",
    to_name: `${toEmail}`,
    fullName: `${nameInput.value}`,
    company: `${companyInput.value}`,
    email: `${emailInput.value}`,
    msg: `${textareaInput.value}`,

  form.addEventListener("submit", function (e) {

    emailjs.send(serviceID, templateID, templateParams).then(
      function (response) {
        console.log("SUCCESS!", response.status, response.text);
      function (error) {
        console.log("FAILED...", error);
    nameInput.value = "";
    companyInput.value = "";
    emailInput.value = "";
    textareaInput.value = "";

When I put values in HTML example
<input> .... values="Name of client" </input?
this will be sent with this hardcode value but doesn’t work with my JS. On the Dev server this same problem but without netlify on my localhost this working perfectly. Where is the problem? Please help me.

I see you’ve a duplicate here: