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Problem with email deliverability (Netlify MX records)

I switched my hosting to Netlify, and now all the emails I send with my custom domain (from G suite) are ending up in the spam folder.

I’m not sure why this is happening. My only idea is that the MX records aren’t correct. Although it could be something else.

I attached 3 screenshots so you can see the error message I am getting from Google. Even though the MX records look fine on my end.

My DNS records + error message

Netlifty site name: heuristic-carson-5eebf1
Custom site name: Freshman.co

Hi @FreshmanCap

In the second of your images under Every google.com MX record value is valid the recommended setup is differs in that it removes the mx-verification record. Reading Set up MX records for Google Workspace email - Google Workspace Admin Help it states

Skip this step if you already verified your domain by another method (such as TXT or CNAME record).

I can see you have a TXT domain verification record, thus you should remove the mx-verification record.

As for the MX lookup must fit in one UDP response packet issue, it is interesting to note that if you run the same check with your DKIM selector this does not appear rather MX lookup must fit in one UDP response packet appears with a green tick next to it.

As per my understanding (others may have more to add) once all MX records are valid (see above) I suggest everything will then sort itself out.