Problem using smtp mail server after nameserver changes

netlify site name:
custom domain:

i have another host with domain. there is a smtp mail service in that host and a forum page. after changing my nameservers redirect me to my netlify app but i cant use the smtp mail service and cant reach the forum with what should i do ?

You can easily get the SMTP back, but you probably won’t be able to get the forum as well as the Netlify website, but before I say for sure, kindly confirm the following:

  1. You have your domain purchased elsewhere and already pointing to a website.
  2. You wish to point to
  3. You wish to keep the SMTP provided by the host in point 1.
  4. You wish to serve a forum at (also hosted on the other host).

If I have got it all correct, the setup you’re looking for is not possible. Yes, I said you can get your SMTP working by reverting the nameservers to the original ones. Instead, you could point to using A + CNAME records as mentioned here: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs. However, once you do that, your won’t work! If you wish to keep the forum running, you can’t point to You would need to create a subdomain for either of the two.

Couldn’t he have served on another host, and just point to it with a 200 redirect?

Yes, but the domain of that forum would change, right?

IDK. I should do a test, I guess.

The documentation here:

says in part

When you assign an HTTP status code of 200 to a redirect rule, it becomes a rewrite . This means that the URL in the visitor’s address bar remains the same, while Netlify’s servers fetch the new location behind the scenes.

I just tried it and the URL stays the same in the address bar of the browser, but any assets that do not have full paths do not load.

@gregraven, when I said the URL will change, I meant the forum will have to be hosted on a different URL, that is, say for example, Only then it’s possible for to be redirected to It’s not possible to have the same domain pointing to the Netlify website as well as the forum.