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Problem Deploying NestJS application


Here my Netlify address: https://seance-server-app.netlify.app/
Also this primary domain is linked: https://app.seance.tech/

It is a NestJS Server App and when I deploy it on Netlify, I have a “Page not found” when I try to reach it (https://app.seance.tech/graphql for example).

The build is alright and when I deploy it to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, everything works fine.
I tried to publish in different directories (/ and /dist) nothing works.

Can I deploy NestJS Apps on Netlify???


From what I found out, NestJS is a server-side only application. I didn’t know about it till now, so, my knowledge about it is super limited. Does it allow you to generate any static content? If so, you can host it on Netlify, however, if not, it probably won’t work here. From what I know, you can use some amount of server side functions with Netlify to make the website dynamic, but, if it’s entirely server-based, it mostly won’t work.

If you want, you can still wait for a more educated answer as this was from my understanding about NestJS.

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