Problem delegating dottech domain name

Hi, I am going through a severe problem delegating netlify dns to my .tech domain. I added netlify name servers to my domain registrar’s NS records. Earlier it was working. But suddenly it stopped working. Now I couldn’t get this working again!

My netlify domain:
My domain:
My ns records:

couldn’t embed more screenshots on topic as netlify doesn’t allow embedding more than one image in a topic so putting them here

ns records from admin area: (in this area dot tech simply doesn’t allow to remove their ns records)

but still, the domain page is now showing waiting for external DNS:

hi @Nirzak, I’m not seeing NS records pointing to Netlify:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6 3600 IN NSEC3 1 1 0 - 3861F163HBRM74EE89RNEAS2GH7Q86V4  NS DS RRSIG 3600 IN RRSIG NSEC3 8 2 3600 20231023104350 20230923053428 41994 tech. i8QwrTUEDZj1L7j5GoBLQuU0rGxvU5x2ppUJhHX1h1xi0tYEzsUzk0OI cB9gYjlCttXwTPymu+uJ2z//PjsjaMHIWPfDrTdx1D9F7d1dZg/uoDNb y2X93loPy0MM29gnGomMV6OkeCHPyCBmOlzt2UdOUXddoIZKObDEghCz wEA= 3600 IN NSEC3 1 1 0 - TV37669H67US9TUERM0QFHGDS9IBKM0E  NS DS RRSIG 3600 IN RRSIG NSEC3 8 2 3600 20231024005120 20230924025341 41994 tech. WVMpnG9/hEKi+g1shdw6cLl31/7JhbQFQR9u4Q5Ugf4We9fbRC7BxZk0 OUK5nyes2Xg+r/+d27XROH4PO9ZwMAHw6oz6npfLyXylBqAVkdhdLYo/ UfO4ibYlbg0lHABNnUcXcIC9BWWLLY2qTo1q7l7r5x2FnamhdBVWRLiL 5so=
;; Received 999 bytes from in 31 ms

If you just switched the NS records today, this may be a propagation issue.

Yeah, the problem is earlier it was working just 5 hours ago. But suddenly got into problem, On this afternoon all nslookup DNS records all were just showing fine. My concern is if they were fine and why are they not working now?

it’s been 24 hours but still my nameserver’s didn’t get propagated. surely there’s an error cause I have used and namecheap before and with those these process took about 1-2 hours at most.
Also strange thing is that I have searched ns records for my domain on propagation checker tools and it’s showing no ns records from every location of the world!. Isn’t this suspicious that about 24 hours have gone and it’s not propagated on a single location!

On whois it’s clearly mentioned that I am using netlify’s NS records for my domain

but still netlify is showing waiting for external DNS provider!

also whener I delete my domain and try to re-add it shows that I am using netlify’s DNS. that means it can detect that I am using netlify’s DNS. but after adding the domain, it can’t verify it.
I want ask that if the ns record’s are really correct or not.

Finally solved it guys. It was not a propagation issue. the domain was mistakenly on serverHold by redix. that’s why the ns records were not working. After requesting them and disabling the server hold, it’s now working again!

Ok now there’s another unique problem. You can see that the DNS has been propagated to all regions DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool and but netlify is showing netlify DNS for only but not for domain!

Looks like that’s resolved as well.

Yeah that’s resolved. thanks a lot!