Problem building Next.js 14.2.4 app

Hello, i have a problem building my Next.js app after upgrading from 12.x to 14.24.
Locally, everything works fine - i am able to start the development server and complete the build.
I’ve tried many things but can’t make it work.
The error message says:
Error: Your publish directory does not contain expected Next.js build output. Please check your build settings

My site name is:
Site id: 213b04dd-4499-4656-b4d6-cf1474ae76f5

I’ve tried many things but nothing seems to work and i don’t really understand why.
For example, I’ve tried following this guide but it doesn’t change antyhing:

I share with you some error and build settings screens.

Your latest deploy: Deploy details | Deploys | homeden-preview | Netlify seems to have failed due to lack of memory. Try adding:

experimental: {
  cpus: 1

to your next.config.js