Problem Adding Custom Domain - Another site is already using

Hi hillary. I also face the same problem with the domain, and the TXT record has been set according to below url. Please let me know if anything else is required.

Anyone experiencing this issue should show support for it being made something you can self-service:

hi there, sadly i couldn’t find a verification record for this domain, did you try and create one as per this guide?

hi there,
could you try again, and if it does not work to add the domain, could you please grab a screenshot and comment here with that screenshot? thanks!

Here is a screenshot of the Netlify configuration page and the AWS Route53 configuration page. Please tell me how to reset it.

hi there, have you tried clicking “add domain”? what happens? thanks.

Hi there I’m having the same issue with domain
Telling me that custom_domain is owned by another account.

Can you help me please!

hi there, did you make a verification record as per this guide?

Yes I asked the other account (collaborator) to delete the domain and he did. He also deleted the app just to be sure and I still have the error custom_domain is owned by another account.

Site name: geniuzedu

Thanks for the quick reply!!

I’ve done all the steps:

  1. asking collaborator to remove de domain
  2. Add TXT record

Can you help me with this?

Best regards!

Hey @ajunior,

The domain has been removed from the other account.

Hey there, I am facing the same issue. please check my this post.

verify my domain ownership

This has been solved there.

It seems that it was a misunderstanding. Now it’s settled. Thank you.

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Okey, yes I just tested it and it’s working fine.
Big thank you!

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I have same problem that another site is already using this domain. I added TXT record to verify domain ownership. Please help remove it from another account.

Please remove

Hi @ecorfy,

The domain has been removed from the other site.


It is solved yesterday, but not working again. What happened? Pls help asap