Print Dialog Appearing on Page Load in Certain Pages

It has been about three weeks since I first deployed my website, and everything was going well. However, when I deployed a specific build changing a few css elements, I started to see a very strange behavior on my website, namely the print dialogue (the one where you can click “print” allows you to print certain webpages) started to appear.
Currently I have reverted to the very last build that did not have this issue, but since it is quite different from what I expect to see on my website, I want to fix this issue as soon as possible and deploy again.
My website can be reached at, and the print dialogue appears on certain pages: On the “posts” menu > click any post that appears after the database fetch, then the issue is reproduced.

Has anyone encountered this kind of issue before? Based on Google search, I can’t find one. I am quite new to web programming and I would appreciate any help. I am deploying my website by drag-and-dropping everything inside the dist/ directory for now. I will set up git repo afterwards.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @wang1227

This behaviour occurs when directly navigating to a post page also e.g. What’s more, after closing the dialog it reappears.

The only way the print dialog would open is if you called print(). There is such a call in the bundle.js

case 0:
  return e.prev = 0, = 3,        // This is why print() is called
  kr().get(''.concat(t, '/').concat(n, '/').concat(r));
case 3:
  i = e.sent,
  print('res:', i),  // Print called
  s(, = 12;

I added comments to show where print() is called. When case 0, the next case is always 3, thus print is called.

Hopefully this gives you something to work from in debugging the issue.