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Primary domain A record not found

I followed your steps but I still have an issue, the site keeps redirecting to the DNS provider’s page. And when I checked the primary domain on the google dig tool. I got a message saying " Record not found! "
primary domain: http://coolspringtrading.com/

Hi @Fola-rin,

I see the nameservers are currently


and you have Google MX records, but there are no A or CNAME records pointing to Netlify.

Are you trying to configure your domain to use Netlify DNS (docs), or use external DNS (docs)?

Thank you for responding.
I am using an external DNS and I made sure I inputted the A record correctly. See the images attached below. I’m very new to this and I am not really sure of what I’m missing.

With your A record, try changing it from coolspringtrading.com to @ leaving the IP address the same.

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Ok, so I just did this. And it looks like it’s working but I can’t really say.
Check the screenshot below of what the DNS records look like now

and I checked the dig tool and the A record is found

But the site isn’t loaded yet, do I have to wait a while for it to update?

Update, the site seems to be loading now. Thanks so much.

So I have one final question, every time i try to add the certificate to my site. I get an error. Should i just wait for it to happen automatically?

Great that it’s working.

I suggest waiting for the SSL certificate to automatically provision.

Note: I have loaded your site and SSL is enabled.

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Thank you very very much for the help :raised_hands: :clap:. Everything is working as expected.

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