Pricing plans for custom/better virtual machines for deployments

HI, I sent emails to the support team but didn’t get a response.
I wanted to inquire about dedicated custom plans that offer higher memory and better CPUs for building multiple gatsby sites.
Can anyone from the team break down the pricing plans for having more allocated memory like 16 or 32GB by default for building the gatsby site only 3GB is available which is not sufficient for us as the build keeps failing?

Hi, @detosk. I only see one support ticket created by your email address and it was created five minutes after this post was made. I also see we did immediately send an automated response to the ticket saying that we answer questions for Starter plan teams here. I see only one email and we definitely replied to it.

Would you please explain more about this?

I sent emails to the support team but didn’t get a response.

When did you send the other emails (date, time, and timezone) and what email address did you use when emailing?

About getting additional memory for builds, this is possible with the High-Performance Build add-on which is only available for Enterprise teams. There is more information about this here:

If you are interested in upgrading to Enterprise, please let us know and we will have our Sales team contact you to discuss options.

If you are not interested in upgrading to Enterprise, you can still build the site locally and then deploy it to Netlify using manual deploys. There are two ways to make manual deploys: “Drag & Drop” and the Netlify CLI tool.

Of those two methods the CLI tool is the recommended manual deploy method and there is more documentation about that here:

To summarize:

  • There is a High-Performance Build add-on for Enterprise teams.
  • A workaround for the out of memory issue is to build locally and deploy manually.

If you would like to troubleshoot the other support team emails not getting a reply, if you would like to speak with our sales team, or if there are other questions - please reply here anytime.

Hi, regarding the enterprise plan can the sales team get in contact at this email: or
Thank you!

Hey there, @detosk :wave:
Thanks for confirming! I have shared that with the sales team. Should you not hear from anyone, please follow up here and let us know!