Price Additional bandwidth (free to pro cancel supplements?)

Hello everyone,

Today I am using the freetier from Netlify. My site passed the 100 GB bandwidth barrier a few days ago. I saw that I was going to pay 20 and thought that was the price to switch to the pro offer automatically. However, today I am at 210go, and I am asked to pay 2x 20.
I thought I had the 400gb limit so I didn’t care about that.

My question is, if I go pro, should I pay 20 (pro) + 40 (bandwidth) or will it update and I will only have the $ 20 (pro) to pay.

Being a new customer (French), I admit being a little lost on the site and I wish to continue to be a customer but these fees would force me to leave.


Thank you in advance, I hope to use your services for a very long time, hoping to find a financial solution to continue with you.


I’m not sure if there is any other way besides the forum to contact the finance team on Netlify. Please keep me informed.

hey @stony, thanks for reaching out. I am going to move this case to our billing helpdesk so you can discuss it with someone who can help.