Prevent app from fully rebuilding


I linked my site (uses reactjs) to my github repo, and have a documentation.html (just an example, and there are more pages like this (faq.html, setup.html, …)!) page. The page uses marked to parse and display it on the body of the page. is in the /docs/ folder and documentation.html is elsewhere.

Now, the idea is that when people want to make a change to the documentation, they change and the entire site isn’t rebuild but instead the docs folder is just “copied” by Netlify. Is this possible?

Tl;dr: don’t rebuild entire site but instead copy certain files.

Hey @lieuwe-berg - not sure if you’re now using or are familiar with Gatsby, but there are incremental builds available using it with Netlify. Thought I’d toss it out there in case you weren’t familiar.

thanks for that, @matthewamundson!

This might also be interesting: