Pretty URL feature deletes document.referrer

We realized today that it appears the Pretty URL feature wipes document.referrer. Is this intended behavior? If so, is there any way to retrieve the original referrer? From an analytics standpoint this is a huge issue for us and I would assume for anyone else interested in accurate referral traffic data.

Example: → document.referrer = [rewrite]-> → document.referrer = ‘’

Hi, @abohannon. In my testing, the 301 redirect sent by the “Pretty URLs” feature does not behave any differently than any other 301 redirect.

I see my browser sending the same referer: header for both the URL without the trailing slash (which returns a 301 for the same URL with a trailing slash) and for the follow-up request for the same URL with the slash. They both send the same referer: header and document.referrer matches that header.

If you see something different, would you please send us a HAR recording of the issue occurring?