Pretty url and build time


For a project we need to remove the trailing slash.
To do so I need the config below

But with this config my build time jump from 4 minutes to more than 10.

(the build is trigger from datoCMS, no update were done during that test)
Could you tell me what is hapenning here ?
And what can I do to avoid this ?

Thanks a lot

Here the build screenshot

I don’t think the feature is intended to work they way you’re trying. If Pretty URLs are turned on, we add a trailing slash, but if you have it turned off, we won’t remove the trailing slash - your app will just work as you’ve built it.

Post processing is expected to increase build time, as it scans every HTML page on your website, even when all settings are off, and for what you’re trying to do, you don’t need post processing.

Thanks a lot hrishikesh!

Just weirdly, I need to activate the asset optimisation to remove the redirect with the ‘/’.
Need to launch one build then I can remove them!
The redirection is gone and build time is neat.

Hey there, @romainavalleLG2 :wave:

Thanks so much for coming back and sharing this with us-- this will definitely help future forums members who encounter something similar. Glad everything is working for you :rocket:

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