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Prerendering With Wildcard SSL

Hi I have an application on IONINC 3 PWA that works with Wildcard * .market.com example https://peter.market.com https://mary.market.com. My application works fine, but the SEO does not work and I understand that for this I need the Prerendering service to change meta tags dynamically, my question is Netlify support this? If so, what are the steps that I should follow?


I am not seeing the link between wildcard SSL and pre-rendering. I think they both can co-exist independently of one another.

Have you tried enabling Pre-rendering for your website in Netlify settings?

Hi, I did it with other applications in netlify and it works perfectly, but I have not done a test with a Wildcard certificate.
What I want to ensure is that each subdomain can have its own SEO, obviously dynamically changing the meta tags.
I have read in the forum that the Wildcard functionality is available in the paid plans, that is why I want to make sure that what I need works and thus upgrade my plan.


Yes Wildcard is available in paid plans and I still feel that SSL and Prerendering are two independent things and would work without the other one working.

But if you still want to wait for an official confirmation for the Netlify Support Team, I think they will reply in a few hours.

Ok @hrishikesh I’ll wait an official confirmation

Hi, @rolvicdata.

You can find out documentation on prerendering here:

And a support guide about it here:

The instructions to enable prerendering are found here.

Regarding if your site will correct prerender for the required subdomain, that is determined by your site’s javascript so I cannot answer that. My best recommendation would be to link the repo to a test site and enable prerendering there first to see if it meets your requirements.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Hi @luke, I am waiting for support to help me generating the Wildcard SSL for my site, the prerendering I already tried it with another application and it works very well.


Hi, @rolvicdata. I replied to the support ticket.

Hi Luke, my site is hosted on netlify with DNS Netlify,
I have a single application for all my clients and they only change content based on their url for example https://carlos.market.com, htps: //pedro.market.com, https://maria.market.com, etc. .
Are you trying to say that https://carlos.market.com, htps: //pedro.market.com, https://maria.market.com should be independently hosted on netlify?

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Hi, @paulsmith201182. The site is suspended now. Please any “bad” sites by emailing their domain names or a URL to fraud@netlify.com going forward. This will will get the fastest response.

@rolvicdata, let’s please discuss this in just one place. I’ll use the support ticket for now but if you want to we can close the ticket and discuss the issue here.