Prerendering doesn't seem to be working

Hi all!

I’m currently building a website and it’s a serverless SPA using react. Specifically, I’m having troubles with getting crawlers to correctly go through my website and the result seems to be differing across different crawlers.

I have pre-rendering enabled for my project and I’m utilizing react-helmet for my tags and from the tutorials I’ve gone through this should be good enough to get me going.

On I’m able to see that google seems to correctly be getting the title/description tags but other sites like or don’t seem to be able to grab the title/description tags. Am I missing a step here? I’d like to keep my project serverless


Hello @hsutimothy, welcome to the community!

It looks like you remove your site already. In any case, Did you have prerendering enabled? Also have you read through here: [Support Guide] Understanding and debugging prerendering to help you debug using the beta prerendering feature?