Posts visible from the font-end don't match posts listed in /admin

I can’t figure out why the list showing my news posts on /admin (the backend) doesn’t match my actual news posts showing on the front end. I’ve cleared the browser cache as well as the build cache (by running gatsby clean before running gatsby develop).

I’m using Netlify CMS with Gatsby and when I visit http://localhost:8000/admin/#/collections/news I see a list of 3 news posts.

But when I visit http://localhost:8000/news I see a totally different list of 6 news posts.

And then if I visit my live site it’s different also.

Since I can apparently only upload one image, here’s all three screenshots combined into one. As you can see, only one post (New Year, Improved Intercept - circled in blue) matches across admin and live, but it doesn’t show up on local.

I can make my local branch match my live site if I pull down my remote branch. But that only makes localhost/news match When I visit the admin page it’s still showing the wrong posts. I’m also not clear on how my remote got out of sync with my local. Since my remote was created using my local branch. So I’m thoroughly confused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If we are talking about Improved Intercept then how can we forget, the need for a case converting material or tool to reoptimize your data in the desired and official way.
Yea, I know you are looking for the answer to the query like for my news posts on /admin (the backend) doesn’t match my actual news posts showing, and using various tools and keep looking for try and error tactic will help you for sure.