Post is solved will be deleted

I solved tihis post and will delete it. As soon I figure out how to do that :slight_smile:

Hi @winnie-jo, thanks for posting and welcome.

Kindly add the code below in your html and redeploy to see it works.

<a href="">Your Text Here</a>

Let me know the outcome.

Hallo I just see that its my mistake There is a index and a home page the index was working but I forgot to update the link code for the home page. Sorry about that.

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Hi @winnie-jo, thanks for the feedback.
Glad to know you have detected what was causing your problem.

Hey there, @winnie-jo :wave:

I can delete this topic on your behalf. However I will need you to confirm that you understand this is irreversible and that I will not contact you once it is done.