Post-build image/video caching strategy

I have an emberjs app that statically generates pages from wordpress, but I want to cache (download) all the images and video that’s referenced in each page’s resulting HTML to fully utilize netlify’s edge servers.

One option might involve using ember-responsive-images, overridding the srcdir to accept remote sources, and pulling those. However, that approach won’t work for the generated content from the post content…

As an alternative, I have investigated netlify build plugins, and I can envision myself building a plugin that does this, but before I do, I thought I’d reach out to see if the community has any other suggestions.

@srger Welcome to the Netlify community. I’m not familiar with this system. When you say it statically generates pages from WordPress, where does it save them?

Typically, using something like Frontity on a host like Vercel, the JavaScript / build system grabs a JSON file from WordPress and builds the pages from that, but references image and other assets at their locations on the WordPress host.

In this situation, you could use something like httrack or SiteSucker to process your emberjs version to generate a self-contained site, but that would be cumbersome, and would need to be done every time there was any change on the WordPress side. Emberjs might do things differently, but it sounds as though it doesn’t.