Pointing domain to www version

Hi, I’m trying to redirect my domain from without the www to include the www because on mobile devices the www version of the website is responsive and looks good. Maybe this isn’t the best way to fix the problem, but when I visit the version without www on a mobile device it doesn’t look good, it shows the desktop version.

hi sean, how are you doing the redirect? what is your netlify name?

the site is www.mcdenergy.com - i’m doing the redirect with godaddy

You should never use a domain redirect at your registrar as that introduces another point of failure in your network request where none is needed. If you’ll set your primary custom domain to “www.mcdenergy.com” (as you have) and make the bare domain an A record pointing to our load balancer ( then we’ll automatically redirect for you (you’ll want to update your SSL certificate here after you change that to complete the setup https://app.netlify.com/sites/mcdenergy/settings/domain#ssl-tls-certificate). This should work better than your godaddy redirect with the same results around usability.