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Pointed NameSilo nameservers to Netlify, only works on mobile

Posted this topic earlier, but then visited the site and it was working. and then tried it again 10 minutes later and it wasn’t again!

Custom domain works perfectly on mobile, but goes to the namesilo page on desktop on the exact same network for some reason, after having pointed the name servers to Netlify.
I’ve tried flushing DNS, restarting my PC, and clearing the cache, but it still won’t work.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @rp1

You are facing a local issue, either caching of the old site, or DNS that is slow to update. Your site works fine for me on Desktop.

If you haven’t already, try a private/incognito window, a different desktop, and/or another network. All will work in time.

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Thanks, I see.
I’ll give it some more time before trying again. Thanks.

Also, your domain name might help us check if some of this is wrong.

I removed it earlier!
The website is working perfectly now, time was the answer!

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