Please need branch deploy SSL

Good day,
I have a couple of sites/sub-domains under my custom domain “”. These are working and reachable. However, due to some limitations I had to switch from Netlify DNS to my domain provider’s DNS. Everything is still great, except, now I want to host staging sites for my subdomains from their “staging” branches. Can you please add SSLs for my subdomains?

Thank you.

P.S I have set these domain names up already

Hi there!

As far as I can tell, you’d be able to host “” with us. I can’t find any site for “”, which would be able to host these three domains:

(assuming you had deployed branches called admins, learners, and tutors).

Could you show me the site that has:

  • a successful deploy of the sandbox branch?
  • a successful deploy of any of the other branches?

Then I can better advise as to what is possible :slight_smile: