Netlify site name used to be: bewee.netlify.app
Custom domain: bewee.me
Error message: Not Found - Request ID: 01GG8QFH6DSVPB18GBFX5PEKKC

Dear support team! I was using my domain bewee.me for a netlify deploy. My company is now switching to vercel (so sorry about that! It’s mainly because we work with Next.js so nothing personal here :smiley: )

The issue is that while I have setup bewee.me as the custom domain on vercel every time I go to bewee.me I see the error “Not Found - Request ID: 01GG8QFH6DSVPB18GBFX5PEKKC”

Is it possible that netlify needs to let go of the bewee.me domain by any chance? I did everything I could, I even deleted my netlify account which was under uflucas@gmail.com but the issue is still present!

Please help me, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hi @lucasuema

I see bewee.me is now redirecting to bewee.vercel.app.

The issue you saw was likely due to DNS propagation of records which can take some time.

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