Please help me with my issue

it just shows up with server IP address could not be found. “’s server IP address could not be found.” i use a free domain website as i have no money but its saying the host is the issue here.

@Frogmagician It looks as though you either have to make entries in Freenom’s DNS panel to point to your site on Netlify, or switch to Netlify DNS and link your custom domain to your Netlify default subdomain.

Currently, you are using Freenom’s DNS and your A record is pointing at the Google Public DNS server, which is never going to respond the way you want it to.

im not going to lie i have no idea what you mean by this

please colud you explain it better? im quite new at this

@Frogmagician DNS isn’t trivial, so you may need to put some attention on it.

It appears that Freenom allows you to forward domains, use their DNS, or set your own DNS servers – on sign-up, at least.

If they allow you to change your mind after you have signed up, you will be better off if you select the external (non-Freenom) option and enter the four DNS servers that Netlify gives you for your website.

If they don’t allow you to change after sign-up, then you will have to create an A record for the apex domain (@) pointing to Netlify’s load balancer at the IP address, and then a CNAME record for the www subdomain that points to your Netlify subdomain (such as

Good luck.

hey frogmagician - what greg said. Let’s start by getting your netlify site name?

my what? do you mean my email? or

if you signed up for netlify, did you deploy a site? if yes, what is the site id?

Looks like or similar. we need that to identify which site you are trying to connect to your custom domain (

great, so, you’ll need to configure DNS for to point toward

At the moment, that’s not happening, so the two are not connected.

You can either configure freenom’s DNS, which currently has control of the domain, to point to your netlify site, OR you can transfer control of the DNS to netlify and let netlify’s DNS point to the domain, but either way the two need to be linked in order for your netlify-backed site to come up when someone types in :slight_smile:

Here are the docs on connecting a custom domain to your netlify site:

here is also a useful Support Guide that explains a bit more how DNS works:

does this make a bit more sense now?