Please help me admin

Hello beloved netlify admin …
Some time ago I created an account on netlify and I managed to create a website on netlify.

I’m currently creating a new account again, because I forgot the login email on my first account.

And now I want to ask the admin for help to delete all the websites that I deployed to my previous account.

Please delete the website: my pic, pickami, pickita, pickamu

Hi, @eunicejordan603. The sites in question can only be deleted with the site owner’s permission and the only way to verify the site owner currently is using the email address provided for that account.

Until you can prove ownership of the sites we cannot make changes to those sites based on this request. Also, all of the sites listed are inactive so I’m not sure what other change is required. Why do you want inactive the sites deleted?

I did request a password reset email for the account in question. If you want to find the correct email address for this account, please check all the email accounts you have access to for this password reset email (sent 08:40 UTC today 2020-10-23).

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.