Please delete my NETLIFY DNS records


Could you delete my NETLIFY DNS records for
We need to replace NETLIFY records with A ones as we have to manage our own proxy config.

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Thank you in advance!

Hi there @AdamZaczek, I’m curious why you are using Netlify to manage your DNS if you don’t want to use our NETLIFY ALIAS records? It seems you would have more flexibility then to just use a third party DNS provider to manage your DNS.

Hi @futuregerald! We need to use our own builds due to the need to support a complex Nginx based proxy system. If you try our app you’ll see a system of virtual machines running for programmers on wildcard domains and we have to move them all to domain (this will allow easier scaling, getting rid of setting certificates on VMs and improving performance by prefetching assets).

That means that we need to manage deploys on our own VM and point the domain to VMs IP address.

That being said, we’re happy with how Netlify builds work and will still use them, just not for domain.

@AdamZaczek, would you please confirm which of the NETLIFY type DNS records here we should delete?

Should we delete only the record or all NETLIFY type DNS records?

If you tell us exactly which ones to delete, we’ll be happy to do so. (I just don’t want to make the changes until I’m 100% certain which changes are required.)

Hi Luke!
Good question, we want to stay!

The ones to delete are:

Thanks for taking a look at this!

Hi, just pinging as a reminder for the necessary DNS update.

The NETLIFY records we need to delete are:

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the clarification! Just got those 3 records deleted for you.