Persist Next ISR cache across Deploys

When we deploy our NextJS app, it starts with a clean cache, builds the pages we’ve specified, and then anything else is built on demand.

We’re hoping to be able to persist that cache across deploys:


  • Old versions of a page will be served until they’re regenerated
  • Less deploy-time work and backend API hit

It doesn’t make sense for this to be the default, but for our usecase, I think it would be the ideal flow.

Hi @GeekOnCoffee,

Thanks for the input. More than ISR, this is how Netlify’s On Demand Builders work under the hood, so it’s more likely not possible to change or configure that in the short term. We can file this as a feature request, but as I mentioned, we do not expect it to be implemented any time soon (if at all it’s implemented).