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Performance Issue When Hosted on Netlify

I’m having an issue with my site.
To give an overview - I build my sites in webflow and host them here on Netlify.
But when I host them on Netlify - The site’s performance suddenly decreases. By this I mean that the animations, interactions - all start to lag and stutter. It is even more noticeable on mobile devices.

But when viewed on the webflow subdomain - the interactions remain smooth.

I’ve recorded a video showing exactly what the difference between both sites is like. I know that the site on Netlify is a little more heavy but not so much, still after loading the whole page that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Here is the video showing the problem - Website Stuttering Problem | Webflow vs Netlify - YouTube

Here are the links to both the sites -
Webflow - https://shreyass-stellar-project.webflow.io/
Netlify hosted - https://shreyaspaul.com

Am I doing anything wrong?


Hi @shreyaspaul

I see no difference in interacting with your site between the two URLs.

Compare your site loaded from https://shreyass-stellar-project.webflow.io/

To your site loaded from https://shreyaspaul.com

which is apparently served by Cloudflare

server: cloudflare
cf-ray: 66bf4f8a6bf155bf-CBR

Hey @coelmay
Thanks for replying and taking the time to inspect this!

I’ve noticed issues with the interactions and animations when using the Netlify site on mobile.

Did you take a look at the video? (Website Stuttering Problem | Webflow vs Netlify - YouTube)

You may see that the loading animation, the slide in of the hero image, and the on scroll marquee text is laggy on the netlify site.
However, it’s not obvious on desktops.

And yes, I installed cloudflare yesterday in hopes that their CDN would make things better, but no luck :frowning:

Have a look at [Support Guide] Why not proxy to Netlify? on why you shouldn’t put Cloudflare (or other CDNs) in front of Netlify (which uses a CDN.)

Yes I looked at the video and tested your site on my own device (Pixel 4a). See very little difference once page it loaded, other than the interactive image didn’t load on the webflow URL.

I guess Cloudflare was a wrong move! Thanks for this info.
I still don’t know what’s causing this, but if it’s fine for other people, maybe it’s a problem with my device.

I’ll be going ahead and removing the cloudflare nameservers for now…

Let us know if you still face the issue.

Hello Hrishikesh,

Yes I’m still having the same problem. The site still lags a little with the interactions and animations.

Your website is not getting past the loading screen for me.

EDIT: It loaded after 6 mins!

So yeah, the only problem I’m facing is during the loading screen. I’d assume it’s happening because your website is requesting a lot of resources in the background. On every load, your home page is serving about 44 MiB of content. Thus, scripts are probably loading and parsing the files causing the performance drops. Once the loading is done, it’s pretty much smooth.

Thanks for your observation! 6 minutes? That’s even scarier to me now…
Did you check it on a mobile device? Were the animations around 60fps after loading?

6MB on Webflow, 51MB on Netlify.

Plus, you’re proxying via Cloudflare to Netlify (a CDN in front of a CDN, which is ill advised as previously discussed).

We’re not comparing apples to apples and a 51MB webpage is always going to struggle to render effectively, unfortunately. There might be ways of preloading content for future loads but unless you can get the asset sizes and amount of rendering down, this issue will persist.

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