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People need to "hard refresh" on our web app in order to get the latest deployment, any solutions?

Hey guys, this is Claudiu from ImmaterialAI, and we’re hosting our flutter web builds on netlify @ https://immaterial-alpha.netlify.app.

Right now, users have to “hard refresh” (SHIFT + F5 or variations) in order to run the latest version of our web app. Is there a way to force one of those hard refreshes after each new deployment, so users don’t have to do it on their end manually?

Thanks for the platform btw and enabling teams like ours to make our content freely available!

That sounds like you’ve got either some aggressive caching or a service worker in place.

Cheers Tom, ended up finding this Caching in Flutter for Web. How to deliver to your clients the… | by Constantin Stan | Flutter Community | Medium and the solution works!

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